Jolly Phonics Teachers Training program for Schools

Phonics is the sound system of English language

By learning phonics children learn to decode the English language and become empowered to :

  • Fluent, Independent readers and writers
  • Research has demonstrated that a phonics approach to reading will definitely be the most effective program. We recommend that All schools use this approach.
  • Even children with dyslexia, developmental delay and all types of learning difficulties, will benefit greatly and try within this approach.

To deny children the chance to learn to read using a systematic approach to phonics, is akin to denying a patient a known cure for disease. PHONICS IS OFTEN THE CURE FOR ILLITERACY.

Fountain Head Surat School

Fountain Head Surat School

We believe that phonics is part of the reading process and should not be taught separately, it is part of literacy program.

Basic Skills/Elements of Jolly Phonics:

  1. Learning the letter sounds: A multi sensory method is used to introduce the children to the letter sounds. There is a story line, action, jingles and sound sheet for each sound.
  2. Learning letter formations: As letter sounds are introduced the children are shown exactly how to form each letter correctly. Initially the children form the letters in air as the same time as the teacher. It is also important to teach the children to hold their pencil correctly in tripod grip.
  3. Blending: As well as learning the sounds the children need to be taught how to blend them together to hear a word. This teaching starts on the first day the aim is to unable the children to hear the word when the teacher says the sounds. g., “Listen carefully, what word am I saying… ‘d-o-g’?”.
  4. Identifying Sounds in Words: It is essential that children can hear the individual sounds and words, especially for writing.
  5. Tricky Words: Tricky words are irregular words that cannot be worked out by blending. They have to be introduced by the names of the alphabets and learning this skill helps the child to master the reading skill.

Rajkot School


This workshop will demonstrate:

  • The paramount importance of phonics teaching and recent research in this area.
  • The philosophy and background inherent to JOLLY PHONICS.
  • The components of the programme and how they combine to help children learn phonics, spelling and writing in a multi-sensory way.
  • How to incorporate JOLLY PHONICS into a highly effective teaching program for your education centre or your home.
  • A multi-sensory method of teaching spelling and grammar that opens the door to effective writing skills reading for ALL students.