What is Graphology- A guide to your Hidden Secrets

Graphology - A guide to Inner secrets

Graphology – A guide to Inner secrets

Graphology is the science of understanding the Sub-conscious mind through the handwriting. Handwriting is BRAIN Writing

It is a documented fact that when a person communicates by way of speaking, only 15-20% of brain cells are activated, whereas when a person writes, nearly 85-90% of the brain cells are activated, hence it is always easier for a graphologist to understand the person thoroughly through the handwriting.

Understanding Yourself !

After learning graphology you will be able to know your strengths and weakness and see yourself in a totally new light.Knowing Your Friends, Colleagues and Relatives !

The knowledge of graphology also enables you to know the real aspects of personalities and hence it not only helps you to understand them better, but also improve relations with them.

Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis


 Child Development !

Graphology will play a very important role in Child Development specially once he crosses 9 years of age.

Various Benefits for kids are:

  1. It will help the child for his overall Physical Body structure like Increase their height, have a perfect weight, obesity issues, back problems, gynac issues, indigestion and acidity, eyes, ears and overall brain development.
  2. It will help the child Psychological and Mental areas like improving focus and concentration level, releasing bluntness and anger, staying in present with worrying too much about past or future, helps them to stop day dreaming, get more marks in exams, release any grudges, helps them to combat cheating traits,
  3. It will also help them in overall areas of life like boosting confidence, personality development, improving communication, maximum utilizing of their brains, proper planning and execution
  4. Finally on a long term note it will help them to improve relationships with others, improve their financial position and most importantly get results on the hard work and efforts that they will be putting in their lifetime.