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Teachers Training Course in Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics Program is a interesting multi-sensory effective program that teaches phonics, writing, word recognition and early spelling skills in a fun and interactive way, specifically designed for young children.

With Jolly Phonics, the children are not just taught the alphabets sounds but all the 42 main letter sounds and how they are written.

Children are taken through stages of blending sounds together to form words and then on to reading.

Children are taught to write by listening for the sounds in spoken words and identifying the letters corresponding to those sounds.


Course Content:

Teaching Program has been divided into primarily 5 Basic Skills, each of which has its own subdivided sections:

  1. Learning the letter sounds (42 sounds)
  2. Learning the letter formations.
  3. Reading / Blending.
  4. Identifying the sounds in Words.
  5. Tricky Words.


  • Flash Card Presentation
  • Games
  • Exercises
  • Role Plays
  • Question and Answer Sessions
  • Teaching Aids
  • Worksheets, etc

 Jolly Phonics will helps kids to :

  • Interpret words on their own
  • Decode words they encounter while reading
  • Learn new words and build up their vocabulary
  • Read faster, independently ,effectively and accurately from very early on
  • Master writing skills
  • Develop their spelling skills
  • Improve their independent writing ability
  • Better their comprehension skills
  • Initiate progressive learning


This program will help Teachers in following ways :

  • Various career opportunities will open after completion of this Jolly Phonics Teachers Training program.
  • Will be issued Certificate of Participation.
  • You will be fully qualified to be appointed as full-time or part-time phonics teacher in diverse childcare set-ups like : Pre-schools, Activity centres, Childcare centres.
  • Our program also allows you to set up and successfully run your own phonics training centre for kids. This means you can now be your own BOSS.

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Jigna Dharod

Director – Phonics Kingdom